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I love this word. It sounds vaguely vulgar.

Imagine the headline: ‘Man arrested for vacillating in public’.

I vacillate daily. In fact, I am a chronic vacillator. Fortunately, frequent vacillation does not lead to the necrosis of any body parts – only to that frustrating state called ennui.  Another word I love.

So, between what and what  am I vacillating so furiously?



Two projects started and abandoned with equal disinterest since the completion of Blood Relations.

Should I stay on the track of romantic suspense and write the creepy reverse stalker story that’s been poking at me? Or should I boldly go where I have never gone before and finish the sci-fi/fantasy novel that’s been percolating in my brain since the late 1990’s?

What to do?

I think I’ll just vacillate a little more.





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