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the-talisman-ring-of-amenhotep.jpgThe Talisman Ring of Amenhotep

Book One

Can one innocent act change your life forever?

When mild-mannered veterinarian Julian Wingate picks up an unusual bauble for a song in Cairo’s Khan-al-Kalili, he has no idea that the acquisition of this ancient ring will alter the course of his future. Recently widowed from the famous Egyptologist Theo Barojas, Julian finds himself on the point of tossing aside all reminders of the past; eager to start his new life with an old love …. but the curious ring – boxed away for almost a year – beckons … Once Julian slips the artifact upon his finger, nothing in his well-ordered life will ever be the same.

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The Talisman Ring of Amenhotep

Book Two

Drawn into the past to face his future.
A new relationship. An ancient ring that you’ve slipped upon your finger. So far, so good. Life is looking up. But then you uncover the mystery surrounding that golden ring. Your life will never be the same.
So it is for veterinarian Julian Wingate. Struggling to come to terms with the ancient power which can be wielded by the Talisman Ring of Amenhotep, Julian must work to hold together his relationship with his lover, Dinesh Daas, who harbors his own dark secrets, while battling his nemesis, the mercurial Directrix, for control of the alien science at the heart of the Talisman Ring’s history.


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The Talisman Ring of Amenhotepdestiny-250x375

Book Three

Investigating the mystery of KV66, where Professor Maude de la Fresssange originally discovered the talisman ring, Julian and his lover Dinesh’s daughter, Rachna, find themselves transported to the world of Amenhotep, Son of Hapu — ancient Egypt during the reign of the ‘heretic’ king Akhenaten. Meanwhile, Dinesh, Dieter Holstein and Tamerlane Roderick must join forces with the Directrix in a desperate attempt to rescue Julian and Rachna.


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The Ultimate Submission

Do you know who you are? Diego Manning thinks he does, until an unexpected visit to a private, pre-college summer school at The Mission of San Bernardino Realino alters his perceptions dramatically. Diego will not only question his identity, but he will have to maneuver the minefield of buried secrets and sexual license upon which The Mission – and his own life – seem to have been built.the-ultimate-submission

Warning: The Ultimate Submission is a work of erotic suspense and mystery. It contains subject matter that some may find offensive, including – but not limited to: dubious consent, incest, sacrilege; intense, raw and explicit depictions of  male/male sexual encounters, S&M and an ending that might challenge some readers’ conceptions of ‘happily  ever after’.